BATTECH is the flagship centre designed to cover the whole of Southern Europe’s battery ecosystem R&D and innovation. It encompasses research, development and innovation across the entire value chain of the next generation of electric cells and batteries for the electric mobility, renewable energy and capital goods markets backed by Eurecat and the IREC.
BATTECH is part of the sustainable mobility concept with special emphasis on studying new energy storage approaches to pave the way for the deployment of electric vehicles in the automotive, EV charging station manufacture and other industries.

The initiative is also aligned with the Paris Agreement which calls for a 40% cut in emissions by 2030 by developing more energy-dense, efficient and sustainable batteries for electric vehicles. The programme additionally supports the New Industrial Strategy for Europe, the Circular Economy Action Plan and the Regulatory Framework for Sustainable Batteries, which are some of the building blocks in the European Green Deal.

A joint research unit

BATTECH is an initiative sponsored by the Catalonia Energy Research Institute (IREC) and the Eurecat technology centre which has set up a joint research, development, testing and innovation unit specialising in batteries to enhance knowledge transfer to industry in this area anchored in the circular economy and the sustainability of tomorrow’s batteries.

Eurecat is the leading technology centre in Catalonia and the second largest private research organisation in southern Europe. Eurecat brings together over 750 professionals and works for over 1,700 businesses, takes part in more than 200 domestic and international R&D and innovation projects of high strategic value and has 88 patents and 7 spin-offs.

Eurecat is involved in the joint unit through the centre’s various research units which provide their expertise in cell and battery modelling and testing coupled with life-cycle analysis, recycling and materials recovery. It is also engaged in eco-design and advanced manufacturing processes, enhancing battery management and control systems and building them into devices, vehicles and the electricity grid.


The Catalonia Energy Research Institute (IREC) leads the generation of disruptive scientific and technological knowledge designed to furnish industry with innovative and sustainable medium- and long-term energy solutions. It also drives continuous transfer of knowledge to the market and society by working directly with businesses and providing an environment which fosters setting up spin-offs and supports generating and licensing patents.