At BATTECH we address the sustainability of electric batteries from a global perspective to the current and future needs of electric batteries, both in consumer electronic devices, autonomous systems, electric vehicles of all kinds (scooters, bicycles, mopeds, cars , etc.) as stationary batteries supporting the mains.

BATTECH, as a research unit, covers the entire value chain of batteries, from the chemistry of cells to the recycling of batteries once they have reached the end of their life, through development, testing and validation. of new batteries or their second use, in order to contemplate the circular economy of any new battery.

Success cases of product innovation and development

projecte verde

VERDE project

VERDE, was a Spanish consorted Project with  SEAT  and  the  two  of  the biggest utilities from Spain, Endesa and Iberdrola.

The main goals of VERDE were to deal  with an efficient use  of  energy  transport,  design  control  and  safety  strategies  to  recharge  EVs,  and  to carry out research in batteries for intelligent infrastructures, electric motors, and connect it all with Smart Electrical Grids.

EURECAT coordinated the VERDE project. Over a four-year period of research, more than 800 professionals from 16 companies and 14 public bodies from different spheres joined efforts to develop sustainable alternatives in automotive, infrastructures and energy. IREC also was one of the partners of the project.


TORROT, a Spanish collaborative Spin-off participated by EURECAT,  developed and nowadays produces advanced electric mopeds for urban and suburban mobility. These vehicles are endowed with innovative modular removable batteries, developed with Eurecat.