Battech is a powerful partner for the mobility, healthcare and agriculture industry

This week, the Eurecat technology centre is at the Transfiere Forum where it is sharing with other research and innovation stakeholders its models for forging strategic alliances to generate innovation ecosystems and presenting the results of its research in healthcare, industry, the environment and agri-food which as a result of its proprietary value-added model are now being marketed.

“Eurecat’s impact-generating activities include promoting and running more than 450 training actions per year and leading or coordinating strategic alliances with other stakeholders which craft innovation ecosystems in our region working for various sectors and which have a significant impact on society,” said Xavier López, Chief Operating and Corporate Officer at Eurecat.

This is the case, for example, of BATTECH, the preeminent battery R&D and innovation centre in southern Europe, promoted together with the Catalonia Energy Research Institute, which has shared technological infrastructures and delivers services for the mobility, healthcare and agriculture industries.

Xavier López shared Eurecat’s experience at the panel discussion about data analysis and studies of the social, technological and economic impact of technology centres hosted by the Spanish Federation of Technology Centres (FEDIT) of which he is deputy chair. “Our highly specialised training programmes are another contribution we make to the knowledge society with working students putting the innovations they have learned on the courses into practice in their jobs and preparing future industry professionals,” argues Xavier López.

“Technology centres have key technological infrastructures in place where businesses can tap technologies which are not yet mature to keep ahead of the market, address complex challenges collaboratively and train their staff,” he added, underlining “Eurecat’s positive input to initiatives to enhance business competitiveness and the wellbeing of society through R&D and innovation.”

Eurecat is at this leading R&D and innovation gathering in southern Europe held in Malaga on 15-17 February along with other Spanish Federation of Technology Centres (FEDIT) technology centres.

This year, Eurecat is spotlighting its role as a creator and coordinator of innovation ecosystems. It is also setting out the centre’s R&D and innovation activities and products and services developed very close to the market in networking and collaboration venues.

In agri-food, it has outlined the AriaPne platform for validating ingredients and nutraceuticals, which makes it possible to identify their potential biological activities for the food industry. It has additionally unveiled a new healthy savoury flavour enhancer which is the outcome of the Salt4Health project.

In the industrial and environmental sectors, Eurecat is showcasing the solutions developed for the collaborative NasApp app, which generates odour maps to help combat odour pollution incidents, and the bimetallic catalyst developed for alkane dehydrogenation.

Finally, in healthcare there is a new portable device devised to perform CPR manoeuvres and two telemedicine and telecare platforms leveraging the Internet of Things. Eurecat has additionally presented eKenku for remote monitoring of patients’ state of health. Plus it is also showing how eKauri works for monitoring the habits, routines and health of elderly or dependent people in their daily life at home.