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We bring added value to the entire battery value chain

BATTECH is the preeminent centre to address all R&D and innovation in the battery ecosystem in southern Europe backed by Eurecat and the IREC.

The initiative is part of the sustainable mobility concept with special emphasis on studying new energy storage approaches to pave the way for the deployment of electric vehicles.


Technology for the entire value chain

Development of cells, battery assemblies and systems, testing and characterisation, modelling and simulation, analysis of energy systems, electronics and power and second-life and end-of-life batteries.

Fundamental and applied research projects

The European COBRA and MARBEL projects led by the IREC and Eurecat are two examples of how they are joining forces to steadily grow the e-mobility ecosystem. Find out about them!

Consulting and development

Assessment, strategy, pre-certification support, lifecycle assessment and more

Basic and specialised training

Technological challenges, battery risk management, charging systems, types of cells and batteries, battery management systems

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